Defining Deviance

Many societies have gotten to the point where deviance and conformity are blurring more often. What was once considered immoral or disgusting may now be tolerated or popular. Yet, there still exist behaviors that violate the rights of others. Much can be explained with a combination of positivist and constructionist perspectives. Definition I believe that [...]


Major Perspectives of Social Psychology

Social Psychologists try to explain human behavior through culture, evolution, and social neuroscience. Through culture, cultural psychologist study how people interact with others within the same culture. The research used to understand human behavior, besides observation, is surveying and interviewing (Biswas-Diener and Thin, 2019). Comparing Cultures While culture involves similar behaviors and ideas among a [...]

Book Review: Expert Obedience Training for Dogs

Originally, I borrowed the second revised edition of Expert Obedience Training for Dogs by Winifred G. Strickland from an acquaintance who had been a dog trainer for the military and police force. I'm not surprised that he recommended this book since Winifred Strickland had an amazing history of training dogs that won a variety of [...]

I Don’t Regret Most of My Past Social Media Posts

It may be my imagination, but it seems as if people are becoming more particular about what they post online, and it's more difficult to find older posts. My conclusion is that there is a fear of being judged whether it's by family or potential employers. It's justifiable since a short scroll through someone's personal [...]

Video: How to Sit According to Winifred Strickland’s Book Page 15 of Expert Obedience Training for Dogs (Second Revised Edition) I call it the corner method.

Slow Start to Dog Training (and Life in General): I Prefer Focusing on the Why Rather Than the How

I made the decision to train my dogs about 2 1/2 months ago, yet I didn't start implementing anything until a few weeks ago. So I have to ask myself, "Why did you wait that long?" I think this boils down to my own personality and learning habits where I prefer to know why something [...]

No Dog Bite Training, Yet

While we are continuing to attend the dog bite training sessions, Dexter and Joaquin will not be involved for a while. This is due to the fact that we haven't gotten past basic obedience training. When I mean basic, I can point to the fact that Dexter is currently learning "platz" on command while Joaquin [...]

Guilty: I Don’t Brush My Goldendoodle on a Daily Basis

I think it's easy to forget about an animal's grooming when I am preoccupied with my own. Most of the dog breeds I've dealt with in the past were short-haired, and I somehow expected dogs to groom themselves as well as the general feline—oh, was I mistaken. A purebred poodle and any poodle crossbreed is [...]

I’m Dealing with Negative Reinforcement

While I definitely disagree with the use of positive reinforcement—only dog training, I still feel somewhat awkward about negative reinforcement. I am aware that punishment is necessary for any living thing capable of thought and action, but I am having to decide what forms of punishment I want to use. This is causing me to [...]

Attending Dog Bite Training for the First Time

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a dog bite training session held by a handful of local dog trainers. I was apprehensive because it's a more aggressive exercise, but once taught, it is one way to control a dog's aggression, and the dog will bite only when told to do so instead of [...]