Daily Thoughts #6

Reading Fiction Relates to the Seasons of My Mindset I have returned to the genre of Gothic romance after avoiding it, for the most part, in the past 5 years. As someone who was accustomed to reading 2-6 books per week, I don't know how I got to the point of completing only 2-3 and [...]


Things My Mom Said #1

Sexaustion: Sex Can Cause Death It seems that my mom had a great-aunt who may have suffered an untimely death due to sexaustion. According to my mother, the great-aunt's husband jockeyed her—yes, that was the translated word—until she could not get up. The local doctor told them she was not healthy enough to have the [...]

Daily Thoughts #5

ASMR Videos On YouTube What happens when make up tutorials, vegan smoothie recipes, and crying footage lose their profitability? Well, there's highly sexualized ASMR videos. I was originally looking for long-distance reiki sessions to see if I were a possible candidate for such a therapy, and it's safe to say that YouTube never fails to [...]

Daily Thoughts #4

Personality Testing While it may be obvious that I have an obsession with personality tests and figuring myself, I am curious about how other people test (somewhat). I finally convinced James to complete a test by Personality Max. While it may not be an official Myers-Briggs test, it's very informative and free. Each report includes [...]

Daily Thoughts #3

Processing The Web Of Lies Navigating the Internet, even through newspapers and television networks, for legitimate information has become kind of grueling. I just like to know what's happening in the world, but this happens to be a heavily populated planet filled with endless amounts of events and reports. Worse, there is the hiding of [...]

Daily Thoughts #2

Paternity Leave & Volkswagen Lies I've been thinking about some things that I watched lately. From Explained, I realized how some people think that forcing men to take a paternity leave would lessen the long-term wage gap between men and women. In essence, this means that there is no short-term wage gap or that men [...]

Daily Thoughts #1

Fall of (Honest) Journalism I am aware that there has always been bias when it comes to reporting news, but I thought that, overall, there would be less drama and more digging with time. It's not like I haven't been disappointed by revelations in the past, but I find more value in the truth whatever [...]

I’ve Been Thinking About Things, As Usual

Socializing the Living Dead For a while, I've been attempting to not be a corpse. It has come to my attention that I have the ability to relate to a statue since I have a tendency to blend into the background in silence. I am too selective about the type of people I prefer to [...]

When It’s Domestic Violence, but It Isn’t: A Jury Duty Experience

When did it become acceptable for a woman to hit her husband? Well, this was the matter at hand when my husband was called to serve as a juror. My jury duty was canceled soon after it began because the defendant's lawyer became sick which was disappointing because I wanted to play God and place my [...]