3 Obvious Ways a Dog Shouldn’t Replace a Person

Some people can be complex in ways that don't exactly make any sense. Human reactions to other human actions make it easy to look for other forms of company. Instead of searching for people that may be at least a bit different than the ones that cause a person to pull away, the answer is [...]


The Various Types of Human Memory and How They Compare to a Computer

I wrote this essay last year for a psychology class. I'm sure James gave me more help than he was supposed to, but he has a much better understanding about IT, and I am not senseless enough not to take advantage. Anyway, with all of the talk about computers replacing quite a bit of the [...]

Chasing Squirrels: A Lesson About Anxiety

You are a young dog just lounging around the house, and as you are about to doze off, you happen to sense movement. There is a squirrel on the backyard patio, and it begins to taunt you. While your current comfort is tempting, it's just more desirable to punish that squirrel. So before your owner [...]

First Time at the Pueblo Holistic Fair

I finally got to attend the Pueblo Holistic Fair in Pueblo, CO this past weekend. Considering my lifelong interest in ancient and holistic medicine, I thought it would be a beneficial experience. Also, it fit my ideal of supporting local businesses. I had thought to go in the Spring, but I was in Texas, and [...]

Story Time: That One Bomb Threat I Made

Recently, my sister brought up one of my finest moments in middle school which involved my lack of verbal filter. Realistically, I had about a 0% chance of committing this act. While it has become trendy to blame the Russians, George Soros, Donald Trump, fluoride, and pesticides for foul thoughts and violent behavior, back then, [...]

Story Time: Witchcraft in the Dirt Room

Unbeknownst to me, I spent years raising literal hell in my parents' basement. The only reason I found out about this was because the subject of Wicca came up between my husband and I since I have been considering the health benefits of handling larger pieces of minerals and crystals—manipulating vibrations and such. Anyway, he [...]

NRA Handgun Home Defense Course

My in-laws took this class and thought we could use the life-saving lessons. The way it works is that one pays for the class in order to have the certification needed, in addition to payment, for a concealed carry permit; then, the permit is completed through the local sheriff's department. Classes can be 2-12 hours, [...]

Story Time: Severe Back Issues from Not Wearing a Coat

When I was an infant, my mother became horribly ill. Being accustomed to both, a lack of snow and higher temperatures, she decided it would be okay to walk around the backyard during a winter storm. Hours later, she had to be hospitalized with pneumonia. Ever since that episode, her advice has been to cover [...]

The Unknown Reach or After-Effect of Suicide

I keep thinking about the recent suicide of a local girl. It has been mentioned that any suicide can reach out and affect people that may have never known the victim, and James says you never know how many people might show up at your funeral. Why is this constantly on my mind? Well, I [...]

DNA Ethnicity Report from AncestryDNA

I finally took a test that may help me find an identity—I don't believe that people need to be adopted or have woken up from a coma in order to feel lost. I have thought about doing this since I was 16, but my dad thought it was frivolous. Now, I can learn certain details [...]