Unquestioned Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience Results in the Abuse of Power and Human Rights Violations

It may not be obvious at first, but the majority of citizens follow several sets of rules that may be publicized while others are more unspoken, and these behaviors may not always have ethical results. Social influence causes an individual to conform, comply, and obey based on the actions and commands of others in order [...]


The Casual Musings of a Candid Person No.3

Mentioned: fideo vs. vermicelli, Mexican vs. not-so-Mexican food, and watered-down salsa

Impression Management and Self-Serving Bias Are Mandatory on Social Media in Order to Convey a Positive Image and Attract Followers

Since social networking is a norm and social status is affected by views and shares, it is obvious that there is a need for behaviors that enhance an individual’s image such as self-impression and self-serving bias. The average person, whether it is known consciously or not, likely uses impression management on social media. Individuals who [...]

Trustworthiness, Persuasion, and the Effectiveness of Communication

In order to become an effective communicator, professor of psychology, Robert Levine, recommends the Triad of Trustworthiness. The three factors in the triad are authority, honesty, and likeability, and they are necessary to persuading an audience. Authority convinces by having the communicator seem powerful and knowing. Honesty results in persuasion because the audience knows what [...]

What have you learned from the selfishness of your cat?

I realized I have similar traits to that of the general cat which includes selfishness, of course, but wanting to care for oneself is the nature of any living creature. I have had many cats throughout my lifetime, and some have been far more selfish than others. My current—and only—cat, at the moment, Klondike, falls [...]

Can Prejudice Ever Be a Good Thing?

Paul Bloom explains that prejudice and stereotyping might be a natural instinct for humans because “we make good guesses both in the social domain and the non-social domain, and if we weren't able to do so, if we weren't able to make guesses about new instances that we encounter, we wouldn't survive (2014).” Prejudice and [...]

Using Social Learning Theory and Control Theory to Explain Adult Babies and Furries

Positivism states that a person is not in control of their behavior which can be objectively observed and fixed. This theory can be divided into three major areas known as Strain Theory, Social Learning Theory, and Control Theory—which can be defined by minor theories within the major theories that help explain deviant behavior. Taboos: Adult [...]

Defining Deviance in Society

Many societies have gotten to the point where deviance and conformity are blurring more often. What was once considered immoral or disgusting may now be tolerated or popular. Yet, there still exist behaviors that violate the rights of others. Much can be explained with a combination of positivist and constructionist perspectives. Definition I believe that [...]