Sometimes I feel that I speak too soon for my own good. Arabella, my remaining cat, died Monday. It's very saddening. I had already said goodbye to Chin a week earlier, and then tragedy strikes. James said it was her own doing, since she liked to sneak out of the house--often. I could attribute her [...]


My Social Anxiety and the Compulsive Nail Biting

There's anxiety, and then there is social anxiety. Personality-wise, I am just prone to anxiety--it could be related to my Tritype 415. The point is, I have always feared being around other people. Knowing I have to have a conversation with someone, stranger or acquaintance, causes me a stomachache and my hands may even shake. When [...]

I Am Surely Cursed as a Pet Owner (Long Story-ies)

I do not actually believe I am cursed, necessarily, but let's just say that something always goes wrong. This could be anything from some kind of disorder, wild or loose animals, poison, bot flies, running away, or just bad behavior. I've only been able to keep a couple dogs around for over ten years, and [...]

Jury Duty (Partial Experience)

The inevitable finally came to be. I was summoned this week for jury duty. How was it partial experience? Well, the trial was expected to last 3 days, but a medical emergency created a cancellation. We were half of the way through the case, so I was disappointed. Of course, I hadn't been so enthused [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Cultural Relativism, Subjectivism, and Divine Command Theory

I went back to college for this semester. Ethics happens to be one of my classes. I have had somewhat of an interest in philosophy, over the years. I never bothered to read much, though. Prior to this course, I learned a bit about ancient philosophies. That is it. Anyway, I have decided to blog [...]

Antique Shopping, Chinese Food, THC Gummies, & Dunkirk

This weekend, we (rather he--since I resent doing it) drove out of town to Colorado Springs. The goal was to kill two birds with one stone. James and I wanted to look for decor and watch a movie. Overall, we just wanted to get out. Extra-small town life can make a person feel that way. [...]

I Guess We’re Finally Renovating

My husband and I live with my mom, and ever since he moved in, he thought the house needed fixing. My dad had wanted to make changes, but he was elderly and he never had extra savings for something like that. He's passed on, but we are here--young, creative, and cheap. Anyway, just about everything [...]

VisualDNA Who Am I? Quiz Results

Guess who's a Navigator? Yet, again, here is more proof on how anal I am when it comes to life. I'm a conscientious neurotic introvert. Spontaneity is not my preferred method. The fact that I am only 18% agreeable certainly says a lot. You know that one individual who tends to keep to himself, is [...]

Goldendoodle & Chihuahua: First Hike (Attempted)

So being who I am, I figured, "Why not take the dogs on a hike?" I know it may seem out of place to take a Chihuahua hiking, but this is the same dog who can eat a meal his very own size. Maybe that doesn't seem to compare, but what I really mean is [...]