Clowns Feasting on Me: A Nightmare

This is originally from a PowerPoint I created last year for a psychology class, but I tried to work with the format. As for the subject, some people are prone to having nightmares which are different than regular dreams since they tend to be disturbing for the dreamer. It seems that recurrent dreams "are usually [...]


When It’s Domestic Violence, but It Isn’t: A Jury Duty Experience

When did it become acceptable for a woman to hit her husband? Well, this was the matter at hand when my husband was called to serve as a juror. My jury duty was canceled soon after it began because the defendant's lawyer became sick which was disappointing because I wanted to play God and place my [...]

The Female Reproductive System Through Pregnancy and Nutrition, Defining When Life Begins, Complications by Maternal Age, and the Use of Mirena

Yet again, I find myself integrating some level of philosophy with science because, contrary to popular belief, theories are not set into stone. There is always room for debate. This comes into play when considering when life begins, of course, but I managed to keep it rather simple. My only regret is not being more [...]

“Victim’s Rights” Concept and Its Constitutional Basis

I had to write a paper about how the accused have had rights since Miranda v. Arizona and Gideon v. Wainwright of the 1960's and how, lately, there has been a rise in wanting more rights for the victims of crimes. The difference would be that people who are accused of a crime may, or may [...]

Comparing Sensation and Perception, and Understanding How Perceptual Constancies and Sets Affect Our Interpretation of the World

I saved this essay from last autumn since I think it's interesting to look back at what I learned. I think it's silly that I describe one of my prejudices related to trends because, while I may not be taking part in most fads, I definitely am aware of many. I want to know what [...]

The Respiratory and Digestive Systems and How They Are Affected by Weight Gain and Weight-Loss Surgery

I have decided it would be fine to publicize my research report based on the subjects in the title since much of America is overweight—especially obese—and, perhaps, this information can aid in making certain choices. Also, people seem to forget that any surgery is a big deal for the body, and restrictive weight-loss surgery will [...]

Me, Learning American Government: Rights and Liberties

It seems that people either really want to talk about rights and who deserves what, when, and how much, or they rather ignore the subject altogether. I am sure it has to do with the controversy over gun rights, embryo/fetus rights, and illegal/legal immigrants rights. Those are more of life or death—survival—situations, really. I would [...]

Government Interaction Project: Blanco Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

My interaction with Blanco’s Historic Preservation Commission has inspired me to become more involved in regional government matters by teaching me about the cultural importance of preserving historic landmarks and how the American government has tried to preserve culture through legislation and funding. The Pecan Bottom Rock Retainer Wall was built during the 1920’s, and [...]

Passing Through Alamogordo

It seems as if every time I decide to drive, the deer-crossing signs become moose-crossing signs. Also, somewhere along the way, the elevation doubled, and we have no idea how that happened because neither of us remembers going uphill. Perhaps that says much about how conscious we are as drivers. I thought the weather was [...]