Goldendoodle & Chihuahua: First Hike (Attempted)

So being who I am, I figured, “Why not take the dogs on a hike?” I know it may seem out of place to take a Chihuahua hiking, but this is the same dog who can eat a meal his very own size. Maybe that doesn’t seem to compare, but what I really mean is that Pancho is capable of behaving beyond normal. I knew Dexter would fare well, anyway.


By the way, we were camping at DeWeese Reservoir. James does not appreciate hiking as much as I. There weren’t exactly any interesting short or easy trails in Westcliffe. In the end, I chose Lake of the Clouds trail. It was supposed to be a little over 10 miles long. Honestly, I did not expect to complete it while in the company of two dogs who have never had the experience.


Our first mistake was starting for the trailhead around noon. After that, we just couldn’t find the actual trailhead until about an hour after parking. It was only a matter of going farther up. Anyway, we found a detour that led to a tiny camping area where we took a break. Dexter had his way with the creek. Pancho didn’t exactly care for it.


Eventually, we began the actual trail. I had no clue as to what time it was. There are two paths that lead to the lake, but we decided to use the one on the right. Obviously, we did not go very far. The prospect of rain, and the fact that we had all reached certain levels of tiredness and irritability, prevented us from completing the trail. We weren’t exactly planning on camping out there either.


So how did the dogs manage? There weren’t that many hikers, but they barked at a lone woman when we were ascending. Then they growled at a group during our descent. Not to mention the fact that a trio of horses being led by a man seem to bother them as we returned to the parking area. Dexter is a one-speed animal, but he does enjoy leading. Pancho barely lagged behind. He certainly tried to lead when the trail went downhill. There was some difficulty with getting over small fallen trees, but he managed. Overall, I would not hesitate to bring them along on any trail that isn’t steep (I don’t know if we’ll ever get there). Next time, I will try not to make the same mistakes. I would like to see how far Dexter and Pancho can really go.



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