I am reevaluating my life, since I seem to be continuing a mid-twenties crisis, and I keep having some changes when it comes to certain major decisions. In a way, it may be simpler to say that I am lost. I am. I can’t even write about anything because I am too busy physically, intellectually, or emotionally. I will eventually return to blogging when I am through this maze.


  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Biological Female/Definitely Binary
  • Relationship Status: Legally Married
  • Current Location: Colorado

Geneology/Basic Family Tree:

Father: Humberto Ontiveros-Trujillo
Paternal Grandparents: Manuel Ontiveros-Villescas m Francisca Trujillo-Lopez
Paternal Great-Grandparents: Jose Maria Ontiveros m Irinea Villescas and Sabas Trujillo m Regina Lopez

Mother: Maria Rosario Gomez-Duran
Maternal Grandparents: Rosalio Gomez-Ornelas m Domitila Duran-Gonzalez
Maternal Great-Grandparents: Juan Gomez m Rita Ornelas and Rafael Duran m Antonia Gonzalez

Jacquline Ontiveros m James N. Ard Jr.

Origins: Morita, Chihuahua and Nochistlán, Zacatecas in Mexico

Note: I am only aware that I have Tarahumara ancestry, but I am hopeful that I will eventually learn more about my ancestors. I would like to fill out a detailed family tree some day. Perhaps I will take one of those DNA tests in the near future.


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