Perhaps I should begin by mentioning that I enjoy most forms of writing? That would be logical to assume in this kind of situation. I say most because I don’t care for my attempts at poetry or short story—or any kind of fictional story-telling. At least, I dislike anything I have created in the past. As for nonfiction, that comes easier. Really, either area is broad, but maybe nonfiction is safer since facts are involved, yet there is room for unproven ideas. I think I am mostly going to write about anything that is presently taking place in my life. Of course, there is not necessarily going to be anything intriguing to mention.

I would not say that I am a liar, but I am prone to exaggeration especially with the more pessimistic occurrences in life. Regardless, blogging would be a decent way to further improve my skills in this department and in photography since I have a camera that isn’t attached to a phone. Honestly, it creates an excuse to read a book, shoot a gun, bake a pie, ride a bike through the grasslands (kidding, there are rattlesnakes and cacti), learn a sentence in Italian—et cetera—all with the goal to write about it. I guess what I am trying to do is to broaden my sphere. There are many things that I want to learn and understand, but I lack the courage or will to either attempt or complete an action. I think hobbies can aid in that form, and I will be forced to talk to other humans.

Small talk is one thing, but I would like deep conversations even if they result in verbal conflict that is based on ideological differences. I have heard that community—like the type where genuine allies make reasonable sacrifices for one another—is important for mental health and longevity, and it’s not like one can run away from society for very long. Well, comradery sounds too idealistic to be true for me, but I would still like to make connections. You see, all of this relates to one thing or another. I manage to have some interesting theories of my own which may confuse or piss off the right people. Additionally, I consist of various contradictions which could cause a migraine for even the most tolerant person. I am obsessed with understanding myself which sounds stupid—I am aware—but I feel like a puzzle. I do like figuring out other people, as well, because most, consciously or subconsciously, pretend or hide certain traits and behaviors.

Honestly, my pessimism may be the end of me, but I happen to possess some decent qualities which may or may not be obvious. Yeah, I hate any “About Me” sections, because I either cannot write a single personal word, or I spill out all of my emotions. Remember when I mentioned contradictions? I am kind of distant-seeming on the exterior, but I contain a plutonium core. If I like you, I will smile for you in photographs, though—I also rather not be the asshole who ruined the family portrait, but I do have a history of causing grey hairs.


  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Biological Female/Definitely Binary
  • Relationship Status: Legally Married
  • Current Location: Colorado

Geneology/Basic Family Tree:

Father: Humberto Ontiveros-Trujillo
Paternal Grandparents: Manuel Ontiveros-Villescas m Francisca Trujillo-Lopez
Paternal Great-Grandparents: Jose Maria Ontiveros m Irinea Villescas and Sabas Trujillo m Regina Lopez

Mother: Maria Rosario Gomez-Duran
Maternal Grandparents: Rosalio Gomez-Ornelas m Domitila Duran-Gonzalez
Maternal Great-Grandparents: Juan Gomez m Rita Ornelas and Rafael Duran m Antonia Gonzalez

Jacquline Ontiveros m James N. Ard Jr.

Origins: Morita, Chihuahua and Nochistlán, Zacatecas in Mexico

Note: I am only aware that I have Tarahumara ancestry, but I am hopeful that I will eventually learn more about my ancestors. I would like to fill out a detailed family tree some day. Perhaps I will take one of those DNA tests in the near future.


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