The word is that journaling is supposed to be healthy. I am going to attempt to dissect my feelings and organize my thoughts. Maybe I am trying to take Fall 2018, and onwards, into a more psychologically holistic direction—I still have my doubts, though. A negative mindset can seem like a malignant form of cancer, and I guess I am sick of it. I always have a lot on my mind, and I’m not really certain how much of it matters even in the short-term. I just want to understand the whole of me, my place in this world, and the random truths on the side.


  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: American of Mexican descent (AncestryDNA report)
  • Languages: Fluent English and moderately fluent Spanish
  • Gender: Biological female/definitely binary
  • Relationship Status: Legally married
  • Offspring: 1 Goldendoodle, 1 long-haired domestic cat, and 1 Chug/Chiweenie (human babies are not quite on the radar, yet)
  • Education: 4 credits short of an Associate of Science
  • Occupation: Random jobs related to animal care while helping my mother make and sell tamales
  • Current Location: Southeastern Colorado
  • Hobbies: Reading novels; reading YouTube comments, forum opinions, and semi-professional and professional articles; writing; watching documentaries, historical dramas, and science fiction; biking; hiking and camping; dog walking; brooding in the outdoors; photographing landscapes, animals, and a combination of moderately depressing self-portraits and those that show false modesty (you’ll see); purging any excesses; brooding in front of my phone/laptop; comparing theories and creating and destroying ideals; pondering and stressing about the future that may or may not be.
  • Goals: I will keep that to myself for now.


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