Who am I? You’d have to see me in person and get inside my thoughts, my dreams, and my nightmares. It’s the only way to even get a taste of who I was, who I am, and who I might become. I’m very extremist and contradictory. I’m not sorry. I’m very honest. So I enjoy blogging about whatever interests me at the current moment. Of course, it will probably relate to my personality. Who’s to say whether I won’t involve politics, religion, philosophy, rants, and pure shit-talk?

My Archetypes (including labels and just facts):

Melancholy-Phlegmatic, INFJ, SX/SP 4w5, Tritype 415, Leo Sun, Gemini Ascendant, Scorpio Moon, Buoyant Gamine, Deep Winter Palette, Dark Romantic, Mexican-American, Coloradan, 25, Bilingual, Republican, Spiritual Deist

415 – The Romantic Iconoclast


Sexual dominant, Self-Preservation 2nd, Social blindspot (SX/SP)




4w5 & Subtypes

Enneatype Four

The Full Description of the Four’s Health Levels




Buoyant Gamine

Deep Winter

Leo Sun

Gemini Ascendant

Scorpio Moon


Ah, and here is my pedigree:

Jacquline Ontiveros-Gomez m James N. Ard Jr.

Father: Humberto Ontiveros-Trujillo
Paternal Grandparents: Manuel Ontiveros-Villescas m Francisca Trujillo-Lopez
Paternal Great-Grandparents: Jose Maria Ontiveros m Irinea Villescas and Sabas Trujillo m Regina Lopez

Mother: Maria Rosario Gomez-Duran
Maternal Grandparents: Rosalio Gomez-Ornelas m Domitila Duran-Gonzalez
Maternal Great-Grandparents: Juan Gomez m Rita Ornelas and Rafael Duran m Antonia Gonzalez

Origins: Morita, Chihuahua and Nochistlán, Zacatecas in Mexico


Hobbies? Reading is my favorite hobby: Holy Bible, Narnia Series, The Lord of Rings Series, Jane Austen books, Jane Eyre, Lee Strobel books, Victoria Holt books, V.C. Andrews books, Frank Peretti books, Phyllis A. Whitney books, Grace Livingston Hill books, Janette Oke books, John Saul books, Mary Higgins Clark books, Anne Rice books, The Sword of Shannara series, Catherin Cookson books, Louisa May Alcott books, Dorothy Eden books, L.M. Montgomery books, Barbara Michaels books, Classics, Historical Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gothic Drama, Historical Thriller, Health, Cultural, World History, Psychology, Dieting, Humanities

I have a deeply rooted interest in physical, mental, and emotional health. Personally, I have yo-yo’d far too much when it comes to my physical health. I can be easily influenced, not by those I know in person, but by certain authors and Youtubers. My father would let me experiment, but he was highly vocal about is opinion. Other family members had similar thoughts. It hurts to let myself be thrown off course. I am trying to stay focused and consistent which is difficult. Let’s just say I’ve tried many diet and exercise methods. Currently I am a flexitarian who tries to stay very plant-based and almost vegan. I lift weights 4-6 times a week, and I do cardio almost every day. An elliptical, treadmill, and cycling machine give me indoor variety. As for mental and emotional health…Well, that is far more complicated. My mental health is a bit easier to handle than my emotional health. I dislike meditation, and I am not seeing a therapist nor taking medicine. I don’t actually need either. I’m just a youthful pessimist by nature.

I enjoy hiking and camping. Of course, I prefer the hiking. I feel that I don’t have enough experience with either activity; therefore, I would definitely like to do either every other week or preferably once a week. Hell, I would hiking through a local corn field if I didn’t get into trouble. The countryside here in the south east is dry and somewhat hilly but mostly flat. I believe it’s more interesting to visit other parts of Colorado.

Music? I like too many artists to list, but I am not at all fanatical over any of them: Industrial Metal, Gothic Rock, Hardcore, Metalcore, Nu Metal, Rap Metal, Post-Hardcore, Blues Rock, Electronicore, Pop Punk, Emo, Post-Grunge, Industrial Rock, Synth-Pop, Symphonic Metal, Celtic Rock, Aggrotech, EBM, Futurepop, Electro-industrial, Hardcore Punk, Deathcore, Southern Rock, Punk Blues, Hard Rock, Italian Opera, Traditional Celtic, Mariachi, Chalga, Bachata, Rap (Russian, German, and Italian), Gospel Hymns, Medieval, Spanish Gypsy, French Baroque, Waltz

I also have an interest in purging. No, I am not trying to kill any loud neighbors. I find therapy in removing objects that I own. It’s kind of therapeutic. We call that minimalism don’t we? Quality is superior to quantity. It really is. One finely woven sweater is preferable to 10 superstore-quality sweaters. Yes, there is a cost, but that is why I visit thrift stores. I even purge at thrift stores in hope that someone out there will find joy in something that brings me stress. I’ll need new (used) shoes eventually. Who knows? I might be wearing your former pair one day. So I’m thrifty (cheap, depending on the personal opinion), as well.

Watching movies and series’s would be considered a hobby, right? Historical dramas and documentaries are preferred. I really enjoy TV shows that are set in Regency/Napoleonic Europe and Edwardian Era (or Belle Epoque). I am also attracted to anything involving Irish folklore like The Lord of the Rings. Favorites: The Lord of Rings Trilogies, Narnia Series, The Crow, Love Comes Softly series, Golden Age of Hollywood movies, Fantasy, Science Fiction, War, Historical Romance, Christian, Period Mystery, Period Drama, Documentaries, Musicals, Telenovelas


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