I am a freelance animal caretaker and writer working towards becoming a dog trainer. My earlier posts lacked direction, and a variety of subjects had been featured. I needed to focus on a few topics that I definitely understood and felt deeply for. My tone was far too negative, and it wasn’t helpful even if the sarcasm and extremism were entertaining. The obvious answer was to write about my pets, human and animal behavior, and the social anxiety that has plagued me. Mindfulness has begun to make a difference in my life by redirecting my thoughts and motivating me to chase my passions in an organized fashion. My goal is to stay true to myself and to be part of several communities that I value highly

Dog Training

For a long time, I could not complete a college degree or choose a trade no matter how much I planned and committed. While that is due to a variety of issues, social anxiety has been the main culprit. I was trying to fulfill random ideals, but the lack of passion and honesty held me back. I have realized my mistake, and that is why I am meeting up with local, professional dog trainers and experimenting on my own dogs. Of all the careers that include animals, dog handling requires skills and traits that I either already possess or I can foster. In the process, I am learning about photography, marketing, biopsychology, and other practices that use my creativity and increase my knowledge. I just want to create a respectful and loving bond between human and animal and to feel like I made a difference.


As for writing, the plan is to submit my work wherever it’s allowed and use my blog to update about personal experiences, research, and quirks. While animal care and social anxiety will be the focus of my blog—along with a few family stories and geneology—I want to explore other subjects as a guest blogger, ghost writer, reviewer, and the like. Most of my experience has been in academic writing for professors, but I have been able to learn from reading the work of others. In other words, I am open to experimentation as long as it pertains to the improvement of my writing and covers subjects that are at least somewhat familiar to me.



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