Me, Learning Ethics: Kantian Ethics and Deontology

I had to compare Kantian Ethics to other theories. It seems that it is regularly compared to Utilitarianism. Without reading much of the details, I thought I would prefer Kant's view, but I did change my mind later on. I would say that Utilitarians are somewhat wrong in considering pleasure and consequences to be the [...]


Me, Learning Ethics: Starvation

I find this a fitting subject, considering the fact that I did just happen to gorge myself this whole weekend. The fresh scent of gluttony lingers upon me. I do think it should be a moral obligation to help those who are starving or less fortunate in any way. It seems like Peter Singer has [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Animal Rights

As far as I know, animal rights were not a popular topic until the middle of the last century. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a vegetarian or vegan (realistically the percentages are less than 10% for most countries--it varies, and it depends on the source of the statistics). What is obvious to me is [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Utilitarianism

I was very wrong about Utilitarianism, or I just happened to hear a different definition of it in the past. Originally, I thought it only related to usefulness—I mean utility is part of the word. Every time it was mentioned, I would clearly imagine the Industrial Revolution in either England or the United States. I [...]

Me, Learning Psychology: External and Internal Locus of Control

So here is another moment of self-reflection, in my school work, as usual: After thinking it over, I have concluded that my locus of control is external and internal. My case is not stable, though. I would say that I spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months, believing that I have hardly any control over [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Social Contract Theory

I was aware that the founding fathers were inspired by various philosophies and doctrines, but, as usual, I had not taken a closer glimpse. The United States still follows Social Contract Theory, which has been interpreted in several ways--from Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques. It seems that John Locke had the most influence, though. [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

I take it that this is the first controversial topic in this class, and the subjects will probably become more interesting as it progresses. On a personal level, I would find physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia to be immoral. This subject has passed through my thought process, before. Colorado did pass a law last year that [...]

My Social Anxiety and the Compulsive Nail Biting

There's anxiety, and then there is social anxiety. Personality-wise, I am just prone to anxiety--it could be related to my Tritype 415. The point is, I have always feared being around other people. Knowing I have to have a conversation with someone, stranger or acquaintance, causes me a stomachache and my hands may even shake. When [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Cultural Relativism, Subjectivism, and Divine Command Theory

I went back to college for this semester. Ethics happens to be one of my classes. I have had somewhat of an interest in philosophy, over the years. I never bothered to read much, though. Prior to this course, I learned a bit about ancient philosophies. That is it. Anyway, I have decided to blog [...]