Government Interaction Project: Blanco Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

My interaction with Blanco’s Historic Preservation Commission has inspired me to become more involved in regional government matters by teaching me about the cultural importance of preserving historic landmarks and how the American government has tried to preserve culture through legislation and funding. The Pecan Bottom Rock Retainer Wall was built during the 1920’s, and [...]


Passing Through Santa Fe

Towards the end of last week, we were making our way back to Colorado and thought to make one final stop somewhere in New Mexico. So, Santa Fe it was. On the way there, from Alamogordo and the White Sands National Monument, James decided to stop at a small town whose name I completely forgot. [...]

Passing Through Alamogordo

It seems as if every time I decide to drive, the deer-crossing signs become moose-crossing signs. Also, somewhere along the way, the elevation doubled, and we have no idea how that happened because neither of us remembers going uphill. Perhaps that says much about how conscious we are as drivers. I thought the weather was [...]

Passing Through Roswell

Earlier last week, on the way home, we decided to visit Roswell, NM. Why? Because I have an alien fetish—no. Actually, I remember passing through the town about ten years ago and being fascinated by the blatant displays of favoritism towards extraterrestrials. Of course, much of it was just marketing. At the time, I remember [...]

The Alamo and Boba Tea

There is a time for following the standard which, in this case, involved visiting the Alamo in San Antonio. I believe that is what visitors usually do, anyway. I thought there were many "touristy" people—including us. The cameras and brochures usually give it away. I was not prepared for the cost of parking, either, which, [...]

Malaquite Beach

So in all of the 25 years of my existence, I have never touched the ocean—until yesterday. After some driving, and trying a couple of other locations, we spent most of the day at Malaquite Beach in Padre Island National Seashore. It seems we couldn't have chosen a better location based on cost, scenery, pollution, [...]

I Went to a Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

There is this one project due in a couple of months, and I had to interact with a government entity. While a historical preservation commission may not seem very government-like, even I questioned it, in the beginning, I realized that there was a lot of involvement. I haven't done much of the research, yet, on [...]

Deep Emotions. Cold Demeanor.

This is probably one of the worst personality predicaments to be plagued with. I have very strong feelings, but I tend to not act on most of my feelings—especially publicly. Well, my responses to anger and disgust do escape my control, at times, and there are those uncommon moments where I show child-like enthusiasm. Also, [...]

Late December and the New Year

This year, Christmas involved much of the usual; there were loud humans, extra spending, excess food, etc. Those can be seen as both good or bad, really. For example, I was able to spend time with various family members that I had not seen for a while, yet it was so easy to feel swamped [...]