“Victim’s Rights” Concept and Its Constitutional Basis

I had to write a paper about how the accused have had rights since Miranda v. Arizona and Gideon v. Wainwright of the 1960's and how, lately, there has been a rise in wanting more rights for the victims of crimes. The difference would be that people who are accused of a crime may, or may [...]


Me, Learning American Government: Rights and Liberties

It seems that people either really want to talk about rights and who deserves what, when, and how much, or they rather ignore the subject altogether. I am sure it has to do with the controversy over gun rights, embryo/fetus rights, and illegal/legal immigrants rights. Those are more of life or death—survival—situations, really. I would [...]

Government Interaction Project: Blanco Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

My interaction with Blanco’s Historic Preservation Commission has inspired me to become more involved in regional government matters by teaching me about the cultural importance of preserving historic landmarks and how the American government has tried to preserve culture through legislation and funding. The Pecan Bottom Rock Retainer Wall was built during the 1920’s, and [...]

Me, Learning American Government: Alternative Voting Methods

I think voting allows the expression of opinion and gives some level of control or freedom which humans tend to like, anyway. I would prefer to keep the Electoral College the way it is if, ideally, the electors did not vote based on party affiliation and to unquestionably follow along with the popular vote—which seems [...]

Me, Learning American Government: Voter Participation

It seems that not enough Americans are voting. I do not find a 55% percent turnout for a presidential election to be acceptable, as it was for the United States election of 2016. I believe that the reason for the peak in voter turnout, at least when compared to past decades, for the 2008 election, [...]

Me, Learning American Government: Level of Government Responsible

It is obvious, by now, that I would care for more state authority in our current federalist government where the national government has much more influence. It doesn't mean that I want to live in a country that is mostly headed by the states. I just like the idea of both sections having certain responsibilities, that [...]

Federalism, Republicanism, and Liberty

Federalism and liberty are related subjects because the amount of freedom that the citizens of a country have depends on the type of government that is in control. Under the leadership of a federalist government, the nation is divided into smaller sections that may be divided further, which have a certain amount of power, but [...]

Me, Learning American Government: Establishing and Limiting Government

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that I would choose to take a course related to the American government and politics. I have the feeling I have forgotten most of what an American citizen should know—yes, I admit that I have fallen from political grace. It is never too late to refreshen the [...]