Daily Thoughts #7

DNA (Ethnicity) Report from AncestryDNA I finally took a test that may help me find an identity—I don't believe that people need to be adopted or have woken up from a coma in order to feel lost. I have thought about doing this since I was 16, but my dad thought it was frivolous. Now, [...]


Goldendoodle & Chihuahua: First Hike (Attempted)

So being who I am, I figured, "Why not take the dogs on a hike?" I know it may seem out of place to take a Chihuahua hiking, but this is the same dog who can eat a meal his very own size. Maybe that doesn't seem to compare, but what I really mean is [...]

Camping at DeWeese Reservoir

So this time around, James and I decided to take the dogs camping with us. We accompanied our friends Les and Jan to Westcliffe, Colorado. Camping at DeWeese Reservoir is actually free of charge. There are two options: the shaded pine tree area up the hill or anywhere around the lake. Les and Jan have [...]