Passing Through Santa Fe

Towards the end of last week, we were making our way back to Colorado and thought to make one final stop somewhere in New Mexico. So, Santa Fe it was. On the way there, from Alamogordo and the White Sands National Monument, James decided to stop at a small town whose name I completely forgot. [...]


Passing Through Alamogordo

It seems as if every time I decide to drive, the deer-crossing signs become moose-crossing signs. Also, somewhere along the way, the elevation doubled, and we have no idea how that happened because neither of us remembers going uphill. Perhaps that says much about how conscious we are as drivers. I thought the weather was [...]

Passing Through Roswell

Earlier last week, on the way home, we decided to visit Roswell, NM. Why? Because I have an alien fetish—no. Actually, I remember passing through the town about ten years ago and being fascinated by the blatant displays of favoritism towards extraterrestrials. Of course, much of it was just marketing. At the time, I remember [...]