Helen Fisher’s Personality Test

I took another online quiz. Apparently, Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist and works at the Kinsey Institute. Well, there are 12 combination results (a primary and secondary). I do wonder if she wasn't inspired by Myers-Briggs. My test result was Negotiator/Builder. Your Primary personality Type is Negotiator. NEGOTIATORS are philosophers. These women (and men) [...]


Four Stacks

I have enough difficulties understanding my very own 4w5 self, but apparently there are instinctual stackings of an Enneatype Four. These stacks are Self-pres/Social, Self/Sexual, Social/Self-pres, Social/Sexual, Sexual/Self-pres, Sexual/Social. I believe my stacking is Sexual/Self-pres: "This is a very volatile type. They are driven to form connections but have very high demands of their partners. When their powerful fantasies don’t match [...]