Me, Learning Ethics: Kantian Ethics and Deontology

I had to compare Kantian Ethics to other theories. It seems that it is regularly compared to Utilitarianism. Without reading much of the details, I thought I would prefer Kant's view, but I did change my mind later on. I would say that Utilitarians are somewhat wrong in considering pleasure and consequences to be the [...]


Me, Learning Ethics: Starvation

I find this a fitting subject, considering the fact that I did just happen to gorge myself this whole weekend. The fresh scent of gluttony lingers upon me. I do think it should be a moral obligation to help those who are starving or less fortunate in any way. It seems like Peter Singer has [...]

Me, Learning Ethics: Utilitarianism

I was very wrong about Utilitarianism, or I just happened to hear a different definition of it in the past. Originally, I thought it only related to usefulness—I mean utility is part of the word. Every time it was mentioned, I would clearly imagine the Industrial Revolution in either England or the United States. I [...]